In the Tree

by Paul Arámbula

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Recorded in Phoenix and Berlin 2015


released January 11, 2016

All songs performed and written by Paul Arámbula



all rights reserved


Paul Arámbula Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: In the Tree (Pt. 1&2)
(Lyrics for Pt. 2)

I was a man that came from tires
What were they supposed to do?
He came up, up from the border
Because they had to

There's a piece of the big big
That is somewhere in this world
That is seen through trees
and everyone agrees
Everyone agrees is there
Where did it get so out of sync?
In the tree is where we're bare

Inside, inside, inside
I know you well
I know you well

I must be mistaken by your brow
Its part of the mask you've taken so long to make
But I just can't believe that you actually found some glue
that is strong enough to make it part of your permanent face
I know its much more than a choice
if it was just that easy evil wouldn't have a voice
But just add up all the things that prove time and time again
to function quite properly when you just give it time to think
And then they tend to go less out of sync

They were the people that came from tires
What were they supposed to do
She came down from the fire
because she had to
Track Name: A Walk
In some places the letter V is pronounced "vuh"
And the W is pronounced "wuh"
and in others they are reversed just like many things are
but I guess thats just how the world works

And all of those cheesy pretty things
You think about whenever you sing
Well some people see them just the same
And they'll keep so quiet until you bring it up first and
I am not like you
And you are not like me
So tell me something I don't know
But keep distance so that we can grow

Out where the people play
Thats where I go each and every day
Then when they go to sleep
Thats when I look for something to show them
when they wake up